News Release – Privacy and Security Controls related to Healthcare (H.R.3200)

Wash., DC, Sept. 18 —  “Because none of the health care reform legislation being offered by the White House or the U. S. Senate or the House of Representatives contains adequate provisions for assuring privacy and proper security controls for people’s health care records, it is essential that this grave concern be immediately addressed,” says SecurityCAFÉ Founder and President Shawn E. Anderson, PMP. 

“The unintended consequences of errors of omission currently being committed in haste are sure to have far-reaching harmful impact on millions of Americans,” the 20-year computer security expert explained to delegates attending the Values Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington.

“Unrestricted access to people’s private health records represents a dire risk to their privacy and makes potential misuse certain,” Anderson says.  “Our lawmakers must be held accountable for invasions of privacy of any system they intend to impose on unsuspecting millions of Americans.  Right now, all of the health care reform proposals being offered contain ample potential for major abuse, manipulation and exploitation.” 

The computer security consultant calls records security the “Achilles Heel” of current health care reform proposals, urging immediate attention incorporating substantive protections.” He says “It is essential to anticipate and to prepare for an unfathomable volume of sensitive medical data.   Implementation of effective safeguards is imperative.” 

SecurityCAFE’s three-pronged computer specialty is in relating people, policy, process and technology to the functions of assurance, forensics and engineering.  Its internet website is  Anderson may be reached by telephoning  571/216-6410 or e-mailing

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